our mission

helping others live a fulfilling life

Hope Advanced is dedicated to helping our fellow community members achieve their best lives. We understand that individuals can feel defined by their circumstances and their mistakes. These heavy burdens can make them feel trapped and helpless. This is where we come in – providing connections to resources and support that will help them rebuild their lives.



Each person is different and we start every conversation with them discovering who we are and in turn we learn about them.


Once we have moved forward in the discovery process we begin to develop their GID list.. With their agreement we begin the journey of defining what are their next steps to their best life.


We are on a continuing journey for our members of Hope Advanced to make sure we make every effort to connect them to the right people and places.


As we continue to grow and work toward helping more individuals, we love to recount the success that has already happened. We are so grateful to help in another’s time of need. Take a look at how our work has reached the Colorado Springs community thus far. And here’s to giving hope for years to come.

Story #1
Someone we met through our church last year (2019) and got to know, called us in March 2020 asking if we knew anyone who had a room to rent. This person was in a halfway house-type facility (not jail or prison) and was required to live there until their term was up. Unfortunately, due to Covid restrictions, this person had to find a new place to live in El Paso County. Additionally, Covid had caused this individual to be laid off, so they needed to find a new job.
how hope advanced helped
1. Finding them a place to stay with a real mailing address (necessary for so many things).
2. Helping them find transportation
3. Helping them file taxes
4. Helping them get food stamps
5. Getting them access to internet and a place where they could be on the phone 2 to 3 hours per day trying to get their unemployment
6. In the meantime, in May they were able to go to work BUT at a much better job than they had been laid from.
Story #2
A personal friend needed to get stabilized in housing, taxes, apply for social security and find part time employment. Because of member #1 they were able to work together and find suitable temporary housing
How hope advanced helped
Hope Advanced helped them file taxes, get food stamps, start receiving social security retirement benefits and, in the meantime, they found permanent housing and a steady part-time job to supplement social security.
Story #3
This individual was referred to us because they were on the edge of homelessness due to a Covid-related layoff.
How hope advanced helped
Hope Advanced helped this individual file for unemployment and get counseled through the stress of their situation. With this help, they were able to get stable housing, a much better vehicle, and they are now back to work part-time. Additionally, Hope Advanced has referred them to Colorado Vocational rehab that may be able to help them find better employment.
Story #4
A couple we met at our church had been traveling to Colorado from California and had their vehicle and their identities stolen. When we met them, they were living in a tent near Goodwill and they had been attending our church regularly. They never asked for anything except prayer and donated time to work on church property. In the meantime, Catholic Charities was helping them restore their identity.
How hope advanced helped
Hope Advanced assisted this couple by:
1. Helping them find housing and a real address and internet access so they could begin to rebuild their lives.
2. Getting food stamps
3. Getting cell phones
4. Helping them obtain their birth certificates
6. One got their social security card
7. One now has their Colorado drivers license and starts their new job 12/31/2020
8. The other has found private work while waiting for their social security card.
9. They moved into more permanent housing on 12/30/2020
10. They were married 1/1/2021

Hope Advanced has had the opportunity and privilege to work with these people. Our main function was helping them get stabilized so they could move forward to their best lives. We still continue working with each one to some degree at NO COST, NO OBLIGATION for as long we can be helpful to them.


Want to give hope? Make a difference in the community by supporting our cause. A little goes a long way, and, with your help, we can truly be a light in the lives of those struggling.